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Thought it would be a solid day to talk about Dominic Smith as the season draws closer and the fact that he’s been invited to Spring Training again. Minor League Baseball posted an interview with Dominic yesterday, and it’s pretty nice to read for a few reasons:

  • It has him stating he’s getting into shape, and even worked out with Mike Barwis.

 My offseason has been really good so far. I started out by going to Michigan and participating in the [Mike] Barwis training method a lot of the Mets use. I came home for Thanksgiving and then traveled up to Fresno, where I worked out at a local facility until the holidays. I’m finishing up my last session down here before I head off to camp in St. Lucie in a few weeks. It’s been one of my most productive offseasons as far as getting after it. I’ve hit it hard from start to finish, so I’m pretty happy with how things have gone.

  • It gives his thought process on hitting and hitting for power. This may provide more hope that this isn’t the end of his power, there’s more to come.

It really took me until this past year to get my swing in tune with my body and learn how to be a solid run producer. It’s like a game of chess: you pick your spots to do damage with the long ball. I wanted to develop and drive balls all over the field but also play the cat-and-mouse game of picking spots to do maximum damage; in the past, I didn’t do that. I’m looking to drive the ball with authority in certain situations as opposed to just getting a hit.

  • It shows the community of players and how they help and support each other.

[Curtis] Granderson would talk to me all the time and so would David Wright. [Lucas] Duda showed me the ropes the last few years and I also worked out in the offseason with him. Even younger guys like [Michael] Conforto and Wilmer [Flores] pull me to the side and give me insight on how things are supposed to be done and how the game is supposed to be played.

  • He did actually model himself after Robinson Cano, including his swing (There’s this comparison GIF I keep looking for and not finding, but it’s out there).

Thought the interview was interesting to say the least.

We’ll be posting more profiles, including Dominic’s as the week progresses. Feel free to look through the ones we have.

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  1. Greggofboken

    Thanks. He’ll be one of the most-watched Mets prospects this year, and am curious to see what his physicality looks like once he hits the doorstep. On the big club, the early part of the year will likely focus on conclusion-drawing re: Duda. Smith’s demonstration that he might be able to fill the spot (or not) will count mightily, and the questions regarding his power capacity are germane.

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