Prospect Profile: 3B Eudor Garcia

Players who use PED’s are often rejected and ostracized by fans…frankly I don’t care. I’m going to admit, I’m still a fan of Garcia. His bat is very interesting, and if the profiled bat was in your lineup, you’d be very happy. After being suspended and then usurped on the 3rd base depth chart by David Thompson, Garcia must come back with a vengeance and show that his ability isn’t chemically enhanced.

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3B Eudor Garcia (College Stats)

L/R, 6’0″ 240 lbs, 5/17/1994 (22), Drafted in the 4th round in 2014 out of El Paso Community College

2014 20 -0.3 Kingsport Rk 55 226 22 53 9 1 2 28 0 0 16 32 .262 .327 .347 .674
2015 21 -0.6 Savannah A 105 429 57 118 23 4 9 59 5 2 22 95 .296 .340 .442 .783
2016 22 0.7 2 Teams A-Rk 57 233 27 59 14 1 5 32 1 0 18 45 .280 .335 .427 .761
2016 22 2.5 Mets Rk 2 9 0 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 1 .429 .556 .429 .984
2016 22 0.6 Columbia A 55 224 27 56 14 1 5 31 1 0 16 44 .275 .326 .426 .752

Probably my favorite non-first round pick in the 2014 draft, Eudor Garcia is one player I still haven’t lost faith in. When he was drafted, the comments on him from evaluators were glowing, especially the bat, where one stated “kid can rake”. Eudor is known for having a great bat, both able to hit for average and power from the left side.

After being drafted though, He had a rocky start in his first pro season at advanced Rookie League Kingsport, hitting .262/.327/.347, and produced 11 extra base hits in 55 games.

That tough start didn’t deter the Mets from sending him to full-season A Savannah the next season where he did very well, hitting .294/.340/.442 with 36 extra base hits including 9 homers. He played half his games in the worst park for offense in the minor leagues, Historic Grayson Stadium which closed after that season. One of his most incredible feats of the season was his homer to right field in Historic Grayson, which is essentially a cosmic event when playing in that stadium.

But a dark cloud hit Garcia, a PED cloud to be exact, the next season as Garcia was suspended for 80 games for performance enhancing bumetanide and furosemide. Nevertheless, Garcia sat out the first 80 games of the season and played baseball in Extended Spring Training (usually for players in short-season leagues to warm up), and returned to action on July 3rd, playing two games as warm-up in the Rookie Complex League Gulf Coast before moving to Full-Season A Columbia after Thompson was promoted.

Even without the PED’s Garcia did quite well in a league he repeated, hitting .275/.326/.426 in 55 games with 20 extra base hits including 5 homers. He helped fill in quite nicely for an effective Thompson and was able to prove that his abilities may be for real.

The common theme for Garcia is power, and he has a lot of it.

(Columbia Fireflies Youtube Channel)

His power is easy plus raw, and the ball just jumps off his bat with a nice but weird stroke with plus bat speed. His quick swing also allows him to make some good contact, possibly producing a batting average around .260-270. While he can make good contact, he is an aggressive hitter, and does not walk much, which means he probably won’t produce great On Base Percentages, but he’d be a pretty great run producer.

His defense is a huge issue though as he doesn’t have the skill set that will allow him to stay at Third Base. A very slow runner, Eudor has limited mobility at the hot corner, which won’t allow him to have great range for balls hit to either side of him at a very demanding position. His arm isn’t very strong either, receiving fringe-average ratings, when you want a third baseman to have an above-average arm or better.

His hands are solid, allowing him to get the balls that are hit at him, but his range and arm suggest either a move to left field or first base in the future. Garcia had played a few games at first base before, and his bat will work just fine at either first base or left field. If you thought after the bat part of the profile that he would be one to possibly replace David Wright in the future, it doesn’t look so. While it’s hard to see him ending up there, he’ll likely continue to play at third in his next season and possibly a subsequent one as well.

No matter what, it’s safe to say that Eudor Garcia will head to the Hi-A St. Lucie Mets and will likely play third base, and give Peter Alonso a rest at first base every once in a while.

PED’s or not, this is a guy to watch. As they say: He Can Rake.

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