It’s time for another draft review. On February 15th, Hero Sports released their Mock Draft 1.0 and had the Mets selecting the California native and Orange Lutheran HS outfielder Garrett Mitchell.

OF Garrett Mitchell (Photo from

Mitchell is a very interesting case to me as his biggest question mark headed into the draft is the fact that he is a Type 1 diabetic. Garrett was diagnosed in the third grade, but has treated himself very well with the disease. While some teams may see it as a red flag and something that can’t be managed, others that may want to sign him can rest assured knowing that it won’t affect him from reaching his very high ceiling. There are a slim amount of high school hitters in this class with such great tools as Mitchell’s. Mitchell has a very rare speed-power combination that teams covet. He’s an above-average runner and he uses his speed very well to terrorize the base path and cover a lot of ground in the outfield. He also has some nice power. He doesn’t always have the prettiest swing in the world, but it can definitely be said that he has a knack for the barrel and squares the ball up, making loud contact all the time. He’s also an excellent all-around defender. Mitchell combines his speed with good reads and good routes. He has an average arm, for the most part, making him one of the top high school hitters in the class. How much he consistently uses his tools and how comfortable teams are with his health concerns, will be the decisive factor in where he falls this June.

My Thoughts:

I like it. When Teddy first sent me this mock, I was very hesitant about him because of his medicals as well as the fact that he was another outfielder, which the Mets don’t need. After a few days of thinking it over and doing my research, however, I now think it would be smart. He’s only a high school outfielder, so he will take time to develop. Not only that, but you can never have too much depth, which we learned when Gsellman and Lugo took over in our rotation. If they do select him, the future outfield (potentially) of Conforto, Lindsay, and Mitchell certainly has a nice ring to it. Check out the video below for a better look at Mitchell.

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