Mets are Frontrunners For Two Top International Free Agents

In Ben Badler’s latest Piece for Baseball America, he highlights the annual International Showcase that is taking place in the Dominican Republic for February 22nd and 23rd. Badler mentions the top overall prospects in the 2017/2018 July 2nd International Free Agency and names Ronny Mauricio and Adrian Hernandez as two players that the Mets are “frontrunners for”.

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To tell a well known industry “secret”, a majority of these frontrunners have been agreed on long before the signing period, and 95% of the time, these signings are carried out by the favorites. I’ve found little on these guys so far, except from their Dominican Prospect League (a competitive league that showcases amateur international players on occasion) profiles.

The DPL profiles them as such:
Ronny Mauricio

SS, Bats Switch, Throws Right, 6’2″ 165 lbs, 4/4/2001 (15)

Ronny Mauricio is a very athletic, switch-hitting shortstop, whose actions are similar to Jurickson Profar. Mauricio carries a projectable frame which will add some muscle and strength. He can pick it with soft hands and the ability to throw from different angles with a fast glove/hand transition. For a switch-hitter this young, he shows a very advanced feel from both sides. Mauricio is one of the most projectable shortstops in the international class of 2017.


Adrian Hernandez 

CF, Bats Right, Throws Right, 6’0″ 180 lbs, 2/8/2001 (16)

Adrian Hernandez is an absolute tools machine with no real hole in his game and 5 tool star potential. At the plate, he has massive power and the ability to consistently square the ball up and drive it all over the field. Then you can look at his plus speed where he was one of the fastest players at the DPL Elite travel showcase running a 6.39 60-yard dash. In the outfield his speed allows him to cover a ton of ground while even in the case that the ball drops he has an outstanding plus arm with consistent accuracy.


Keep in mind that DPL Scouting Reports are supposed to pretty much hype up their players, and their assessment of Hernandez could be a possible hyperbole. They need money to keep these showcases running.

They are both some of the top players in the class and expected to receive north of a million dollars as bonuses on July 2nd. The Mets will have a hard cap of 4.75 Million for the July 2nd Signing Period.

Special thanks to the Dominican Prospect League for supplying this information!

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  1. TexasGusCC

    The SS reminds me of how Dexter Fowler hits, in that he rocks before he swings. Quick release for sure, he seems to be more quick release than arm strength.

    The OF seems like a beast. Hard to believe that guy is only 16 as you can just see the strength in his upper body already.

    • TexasGusCC

      After looking at them both again, not sure how fast the SS actually is. Like the OF’s tools better.

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