Look at Luis Guillorme The Last Few Days!

Two times this week, Luis Guillorme has dazzled the Mets world as an unlikely source of bewildering displays of Amazin’ handiwork. On Thursday, Guillorme made an impossible catch…and he wasn’t even on the field…and it wasn’t even a ball.

He caught a flying bat, that was thrown by Adeiny Hechavarria, who accidentally let go after a nasty Robert Gsellman slider.

Then on Sunday, he did something I didn’t think he’d be able to do. If the Mets were a high school yearbook, and we were doing accolades, he would definitely be marked Least Likely To Hit An Oppo Shot In Big League Camp to Pull The Team Within Three. 

Well, here we are…good job Luis Guillorme. According to some, he bulked up a bit before spring training, and works hard every winter to get better. I personally profiled him on January 14th, which you can see here.

More Features, more profiles on the way! We’re getting closer to the Minor League Season! Only 33 More Days!

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