Mets Sign Leon Byrd

The Mets signed Leon Byrd to a minor league contract, according to Baseball America. A Mets 25th round pick in 2012, Byrd opted to go to Rice and underperformed there, hitting a career .279/.376/.331. As a Junior at Rice, he was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 10th round for $30,000 as a cost-saving under slot pick.

The Rangers lost faith in him after 53 games, and cut him. He played in independent leagues last season for 54 games and did much better.

Byrd has plus speed, and is able to play 2nd base, Shortstop, and Center Field with ease. However, he has noisy hands as a switch hitter and tends to try to slap at the ball and try to beat out a grounder with his speed. At this time, it is unknown where Byrd will start out, but Brooklyn seem like a good speculations.

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