Another day, another mock. Almost a month ago now, Minor League Madhouse released their Mock Draft 3.0. They have the Mets taking a two-way talent in Nick Pratto with the 20th overall pick.

Nick Pratto is a LHP/1B from Huntington Beach High School in California and is currently committed to USC. Like the previously posted about Hagen Danner, Pratto is a two-way star, but looks better on the mound. In this case, I’ll be talking more about him as a pitcher. Pratto has a very nice windup. It’s almost effortless and he has just a minor push when he throws.

He has good movement on his pitches as well. His fastball and curveball work very well and his determination and make up on the mound make him very mature. He pitches to contact, pounds the zone and fills it up. His team was quoted as saying “When we made errors he immediately came back and pounded the zone. He didn’t let them get back in it.”, which just shows how good he can be in high pressure situations. Scouts say that he has both All-Star and Gold Glove potential. There is no doubt Pratto is a rising option for June’s draft. Like Danner, I don’t think you have to choose what position to lock him into right away just yet, but overall, he is a premium prospect with a very high ceiling.

My Thoughts:

I would like this pick a lot. Left handed pitching though, is very hard to find these days and with his very high ceiling it could make him go even higher. I don’t think the Mets would land him at this pick if he commits to pitching. However, if he commits to being a 1B, I think we will see him fall to the later rounds. Overall, I think this would be a solid pick to add to our depth but I wouldn’t be upset if we passed on this one.


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