A 14th round draft pick out of UConn, Siena is a frustrating player, a live bat with the potential to hit very well, but is terribly inconsistent. Another 2nd baseman in the pipeline.


2B Vinny Siena (College Stats)

R/R, 5’10” 200 lbs, 12/24/1993 (23), Drafted in the 14th round of the 2015 draft out of The University of Connecticut

2015 21 -0.2 2 Teams A–A+ 72 298 34 72 7 1 0 21 9 3 26 56 .268 .333 .301 .634
2015 21 -1.7 St. Lucie A+ 4 18 2 3 1 0 0 2 0 0 2 1 .188 .278 .250 .528
2015 21 -0.1 Brooklyn A- 68 280 32 69 6 1 0 19 9 3 24 55 .273 .337 .304 .641
2016 22 0.1 2 Teams A-A+ 111 472 73 103 23 4 0 27 10 1 69 110 .268 .391 .349 .740
2016 22 -0.7 St. Lucie A+ 45 184 20 38 7 0 0 14 2 0 18 44 .236 .322 .280 .602
2016 22 0.6 Columbia A 66 288 53 65 16 4 0 13 8 1 51 66 .291 .435 .399 .834

Siena was a star as a freshman at UCONN, hitting .302/.369/.349, hitting a homer and eight other extra base hits in 63 games for his 2013 year. However, he dropped off in his production while playing in the elite Cape Cod League over the summer having an abysmal time. His performance got worse while in sophomore year, hitting .231/.273/.301 with 11 extra base hits in 52 games. Vinny had to get back on track, and did so after lousy play in the summer New England Collegiate League. Vinny finally did well in Junior year, hitting .362/.424/.519 with 7 homers, 14 doubles, and 3 triples, but it was too late for him, his promising profile turned to a description of inconsistency. Despite a great performance in the Big East, Siena dropped to the 14th round, and was signed for the slot bonus of $100,000 (the slot after the 10th round).

After signing, Siena headed to Brooklyn where he tore through the league for the first 11 days, hitting .405/.468/.476 with 3 doubles. However, starting in July, Siena started to slow down, hitting .265/.324/.275, and then .229/.298/.266 in his August and three games in September. Siena was then sent to St. Lucie for four games where he went 3 for 18 with a double.

Siena stayed in Full Season Ball, this time at A-Ball, and once again lit the world on fire over his first 22 games with a .362/.495/.536 slash line, with 8 doubles and 2 triples. Siena gradually started getting worse. Siena hit a bit less, while keeping a great on base percentage with a .280/.415/.320 line. In his last 15 games at A-ball, he hit .222/.391/.370 with 6 extra base hits. Siena hit .236/.322/.280 while hitting 7 extra base hits for his final 45 games at Hi-A in St. Lucie. Siena had an excellent walk rate, walking in 14.6% of his plate appearances, but his strikeout rate was fairly high with a 23.3 percentage.

Vinny Siena is a small, but athletic player at 5’10”, 200 lbs. He’s got above-average bat speed with a smooth swing from the right side. He usually has an idea of what to do at the plate, being able to walk at a pretty good rate, but does not have the greatest pitch recognition, which leads to quite a few strikeouts. He doesn’t have much power, evidenced by the low strikeout percentages and the big goose-egg in the home run column, but features a nice line-drive swing that will get him quite a few hits into the gaps, but he doesn’t have much in the way of home run power it seems.

He has above-average speed, which he can use to steal a base, and have good range. He has nice soft hands and good instincts, making a good defender. He also has a plus arm that he can use from any part of the diamond, and could possibly play third base and short, and possibly the outfield.

Overall, without any pop, Siena doesn’t figure to be a starter at the next level, but if he can start finding some, he could be a nice piece. He does get on base, but strikes out quite a bit as well. With his versatility in the field, Siena can find himself in a possible utility role in the future. For now, I suspect he will stay in Hi-A St. Lucie and move to Double-A Binghamton if he does well in his second shot.

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