Today the Columbia Fireflies released their preliminary roster for 2017. This roster is essentially set, but sometimes they add a guy or two to it.

The Roster is as follows:


RHP’s Matt BlackhamHarol Gonzalez, Merandy Gonzalez, Cameron Griffin, Witt Haggard, , Colin Holderman, Jordan Humphreys,  Max Kuhns, Gabriel Llanes, Austin McGeorge, Adonis Uceta, Joseph Zanghi

LHP’s Taylor Henry, Blake Taylor

Catchers: Ali Sanchez, Anthony Dimino, Brandon Brosher

Infield: Luis Carpio, Michael Paez, Milton Ramos, Blake Tiberi, Dash Winningham

Outfield: Gene Cone, Desmond Lindsay, Tim Tebow, Jacob Zanon


Position Players:

I’m excited and disappointed at the same time.  I definitely wanted Ricardo Cespedes on a full season club, but I guess I’ll be in Brooklyn this summer pushing fake rumors that he’s related to Yoenis. They probably want to keep him in Center Field and that’s a clash with Lindsay. Zanon should be an under the radar mid-rounder to keep an eye on. He had a tough time at Brooklyn but has some athleticism and will play a solid backup. Oh yeah, a former pro football player will be playing left field for the team…that should be interesting. Gene Cone should get some time in the outfield, likely as a starter in Right Field and bring an advanced bat to the team. Desmond Lindsay is the top prospect of this team, watch him in Center, he may move quick.

As predicted, Sanchez’s tough Brooklyn season is understood and he’s pushed to Full-Season, I hope he makes some strides. Dimino has been playing 1B and Catcher, and will likely give Winningham a few days off. Brosher needs to cut down on strikeouts to tap into that incredible power he features.

It’s interesting that Ramos will repeat at Low-A, and it looks like he will be sharing time with Carpio. Both in my eyes are prospects, as is the rest of the infield with Paez, and Tiberi. All of these infielders have profiles on the site if you click on the Columbia Fireflies profiles.


I thought Griffin would go to St. Lucie, and I secretly hoped that Zanghi would go as well. I’m guessing Zanghi may be designated as closer. Haggard I thought was headed to St. Lucie. Henry should be the lefty specialist, and Blackham and Llanes may get multiple innings in relief. It’s odd they don’t have more than one lefty reliever, and are just using Henry. Uceta is an intriguing arm who has touched 95 with an intriguing breaking ball, and I’m not sure whether or not they’ll have him starting or in relief.

The Rotation should be the two Gonzalez leading the way, followed by one of Holderman, Humphreys, and Taylor. All except Taylor have been profiled, and were all projected to go to Columbia. It’s likely Blackham, Uceta, and Llanes will piggyback with some of these pitchers.

Finally one last note, yes, Blake is the Taylor involved in the Ike Davis deal. He’s had a rocky career since joining the Mets, and has been recovering from Tommy John Surgery.

Overall, this is will be a very cool roster to watch, chock full of prospects. The entire rotation will be players to watch, the infield as well, and especially Sanchez and Lindsay.

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