Today the St. Lucie Mets released their preliminary roster, and it looks nice, very nice. The roster is as follows:

RHP: Tyler Bashlor, Justin Brantley, Andrew Church, Nabil Crismatt, Justin Dunn, Chase Ingram, Johnny Magliozzi, Thomas McIlraith, Craig Missigman, Marcos Molina, Alex Palsha, Joe Shaw, Joshua Torres

LHP: Kevin Canelon

Catchers: Patrick Mazeika, Dan Rizzie

Infielders: Peter Alonso, Dale Burdick, Nick Sergakis, Vinny Siena, Jhoan Urena, Colby Woodmansee,

Outfielders: Wuilmer Becerra, Jeffrey Diehl, John Mora, Enmanuel Zabala

DL: Chris Flexen, Mike Gibbons, Josh Prevost


To tackle this first, the rotation is the headliner here. Church, Dunn, and Molina are three that you just want to watch. We may find some nice eye-popping statlines by 9:00 pm from each of those nightly. In addition is Crismatt, who is a soft tossing control monster, and Canelon, who did well at Columbia last year. Ingram, McIlraith, and Shaw also may start, and Shaw is an upside arm. Gibbons may return when one of these pitchers moves up to Double-A (and makes that team relatively watchable).

The ‘pen is going to be great, with Bashlor closing, and Palsha setting up. Torres and Brantley are two minor league free agents to fill the bullpen, with Brantley related to a certain talented Indians outfielder.

Mazeika remains a catching prospect, and look for his bat to continue to play up. Rizzie skips up from Brooklyn.

Other Brooklyn players from last year include the powerful first baseman Alonso, Sergakis, who plays around the infield, and a personal surprise of Woodmansee at SS. Siena repeats and plays 2nd, and Urena should play 3rd for a third year in a row, hopefully this talented guy breaks out this time. Where the hell is Eudor Garcia!?

Outfield is Zabala, who is gifted defending in Center. He is flanked by Becerra, who will be there briefly if he hits, and Mora, who should be in Binghamton. Diehl will be a backup guy on the corners with some power.

They start their season tomorrow, and host a very interesting and prospect laden team, especially this rotation.

Church leads off the season, Tomorrow, April 6th. I’m Ready.

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