It’s been quite some time since I’ve reviewed some mocks. I apologize for that, as I have been insanely busy with school work amongst other things. But now, on May 18th, as we move insanely close to the draft on June 12, I am extremely excited to be reviewing some more mock drafts for you all. I will be reviewing Baseball America’s 2.0 Mock today. Let’s dive right into it!


2B/OF Keston Hiura

If the Mets want to go with a bat in this draft, I think a college bat would be smarter. They accelerate to the big leagues faster as we’ve seen with Conforto, Schwarber, Benintendi, Swanson, you name it, we’ve seen it. Keston Hiura fits that profile and could very well be next on this list.

However, he lacks a true position, a bit similar to Schwarber. Due to an elbow injury, he’s been limited him to DH this spring, which has made it a little tougher to figure out where he belongs on the draft boards. He’s hit everywhere he’s been though, including all three years at Irvine. He’s also had a very strong performance for Team USA this past summer. He has a short stroke which generates a ton of bat speed. There’s been a little more swing and miss to his game this spring, as he is probably pressing a tiny bit trying to show how good of a hitter he is to offset any defensive concerns. Other than that, he’s hit for a high average and shows at least average power, with the ball coming off of his bat differently than most. Some believe he will need Tommy John surgery, which is obviously unfortunate and will slow his development down a bit, but I think the Mets would be getting a very advanced bat here regardless.

My Thoughts:

I tell this story to everyone. I was EXTREMELY against the Conforto pick at first. I desperately wanted the Mets to draft Trea Turner. Heading into that draft, Conforto had similar scouting reports saying his defense was iffy, but he had a great bat and great bat speed as well as that “difference” factor when the ball came off of his bat. I didn’t read into that, I just knew I didn’t want him. Turner was my guy. Now, Conforto is one of my favorite players and I really learned that, for the most part, you should read everything you can when analyzing a player. That’s why I’m going to continue looking at him. He seems very good and I would like this pick a lot. It would be a bit depressing if he does need the Tommy John surgery, but I would really enjoy this pick.


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