Every Year, all 30 teams come together and start a draft to bring in amateur players into the ranks. Between players who are seniors in high school, players in junior college, and Juniors and Seniors in college spanning the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, there is fierce competition to be drafted at the top and earn millions of dollars. Each team is assigned a pool of money to sign these players with, and a guide on how to spend by what they should spend and where. It is up to the team to go over or under slot.

If a team pays under slot earlier, they can use the money to choose a player they like that may have fallen through the cracks later.

The Mets pool for the 2017 draft is 6,212,500.

The Slot Value for each pick:

  1. (Pick 20) 2,994,500
  2. (Pick 59) $1,094,700
  3. (Pick 97) $553,200
  4. (Pick 137) $413,100
  5. (Pick 167) $307,800
  6. (Pick 197) $237,600
  7. (Pick 227) $186,200
  8. (Pick 257) $153,400
  9. (Pick 287) $139,700
  10. (Pick 317) $132,300

From 10 to 40, the Mets pick every 30th pick, and have a slot bonus of up to $100,000 that they can choose to go over or under, depending on what is remaining in their pool.

Notable picks after the 10th round currently on the Mets are: RHP Seth Lugo, (34th RD 2011), LHP Josh Edgin (30th Rd 2010), RHP Robert Gsellman (13th rd, 2011). Other notable picks include Daniel Murphy (13th rd, 2006), Dillon Gee (21st rd, 2007), Collin McHugh (22nd rd 2008).

Their top picks for the last 10 years:

The draft begins on Monday, June 12th at 7:00 PM and can be watched online on MLB.MLB.com and MLB Network. We will have full coverage of every pick for the following days to make up for my lack of coverage and profiles over the last month. Each player will have a separate profile. I will provide other’s scouting reports and will cite them. Please keep @MetsTProspects front and center on your twitter feed for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.