Another day, another mock review! Today, I’ll be reviewing 3rd Man In’s Mock draft. They tabbed the Mets with OF Heliot Ramos with the 20th overall pick. He is a HS bat from Puerto Rico.

It may be music to Mets fans’ ears to here that there is consensus that Ramos is the top overall talent out of Puerto Rico, but then they may be a bit upset to hear that there is some debating to be had over just how good of a prospect he is.

Ramos has a big, strong athletic frame and has legitimate power potential. After that, however, the debate I mentioned begins. Those who really like and watch him see a solid tools and the ability to tap into his raw power fairly consistently. He keeps the barrel of the bat in the zone a long time and creates very nice backspin. Others who watch him really question the bat speed a bit more and wonder if he can turn on balls enough to reach his true power potential. Currently, Ramos plays center field. He has an average arm and decent speed. His speed is just a tick above average but many see a move to a corner spot, most likely left, in the future.

My Thoughts:

I really don’t like this. Ramos is a polarizing prospect to some, but scouts have him literally all over the place on where he could be selected. This is about the earliest I’ve seen him picked on any mock. I like his potential, but I don’t think the Mets really need a project right now, especially with question marks surrounding his ability to generate power. I would pass on him.