My name is Ted.

I’m the proud youngest child of retired political journalist Joe Klein. I don’t have intentions to follow in his footsteps into politics, so please don’t ask. During the day, I’m a social worker, treating people for substance use disorders. I’m also a grad student for my Master’s in Social Work. At night I write about baseball.

I started following Prospects at 15, and impressed a certain executive into sending me to the Dominican Republic and stayed in the DSL Mets Academy in 2008. In 2010 I did an internship inside the Brooklyn Cyclones and conversed with coaches. In between that, I worked with the Cape Cod League’s Brewster Team, the Whitecaps. 

I’ve got a lot of backstory in baseball and a love for the game, and my Mets. I’ve researched the game thoroughly, know a ton about the draft, and know a lot about the international free agency, taking in social and socioeconomic status. My senior thesis had to do with baseball development in Latin America, and researched different regions thoroughly.

As for Mets Prospexts, I could likely pull up 50 scouting reports off the top of my head of these guys, and the rest I research thoroughly.

I started this site to write about what I know, and hope to share it with my readers. I used to write for Metsmerizedonline and used to co-lead, but I wanted more creative freedom to talk about the Mets and make shorter blurbs. 

I named this site as a dedication to a group of friends that have inspired and supported me.

Here is my archive at Metsmerized

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Welcome to Mets Templar Prospects…you have chosen…wisely.

Current Offseason Project:

Do a report a day of any player in the upper minors (A-AAA). I’m going to provide as many reports as I can by opening day, and try to make it so it’s a level a day, and on days I have more time, I will pick a prospect you may be more interested in (Such as the weekends, or days i’m not swamped by grad school).

The goal is to give all players their profile, so you can look them up and make this a reference later. 

For most will be an extensive profile. With relievers, it will be a little different…much shorter.